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Diminished Returns (DVD)

Learn how the diminished seventh chord holds the key to unlocking your ukulele’s fretboard.  Join Paul Hemmings in a comprehensive video workshop that will teach you how to use the diminished seventh chord to come up with any inversion of any kind of seventh chord.  And just as importantly, you’ll learn an incredibly useful system for tying them all together.

In this step-by-step tutorial you’ll be guided through the ins and outs of how to:

• Build chords out of scales
• Play the diminished scale
• Construct a diminished seventh chord
• Convert diminished into other seventh chords
• Tie together those chords’ inversions up the neck

With over an hour and twenty minutes of instruction and exercises, clearly animated chord charts and graphics, and all examples played on both high- and low-G ukuleles, this video is an invaluable resource for anybody looking to deepen their understanding of their ukulele’s fretboard.

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Chord Melodies For The Vocally Challenged (eBook)

While many people use the ukulele to accompany themselves singing, some of us have not been blessed with the most sonorous of singing voices.  This eBook teaches players how to simultaneously play chords and melodies on the uke, enabling them to perform recognizable renditions of the songs they love without disturbing the neighbors.  A chord melody arrangement for "Amazing Grace" is included.  (Intermediate to advanced.)

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Diminished Returns (eBook)

Take a quantum leap forward in your understanding of ukulele chords and say goodbye to your old chord book!  By unlocking the magic of the diminished seventh chord, one of the only chords on the ukulele that keeps the same shape and fingering for each of its four inversions, this eBook teaches players how to connect the dots between four inversions for practically any kind of seventh chord on the uke.  (Intermediate to advanced.)

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Uke 'N The Blues – Blues Basics (eBook)

Since its inception in the early 20th Century, the Blues has influenced every style of American music that has followed.  This eBook provides students with an understanding of its rhythms, harmonies, and the iconic 12-Bar Blues chord progression that is essential for playing jazz, swing, rock, and just about any other genre of American music.  Topics covered include 7th chords and the 12-bar blues chord progression, swing rhythm, and the Blues scale.  (Beginning to Intermediate.)

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Triad Bootcamp (eBook)

Triads, or three-note chords, are the building blocks of all chords on the ukulele, and expanding your understanding of them will set you free from having to rely on the same old first-position chords at your next jam session.  This eBook examines how these three-note wonders are constructed and provides players with the ability to play major, minor, diminished, augmented, and suspended chords.  Topics covered include intervals, chord qualities, and inversions.  (Beginner to intermediate.)

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Workshops and eBooks