At The 2013 New York Ukulele Festival – (L to R) Paul Hemmings, Kirk Driscoll, Raiatea Helm, and Gaku Takanashi.

Set break at The Garden Cafe in NYC – (L to R) Kirk Driscoll, Gaku Takanashi, Paul Hemmings.

2013 Menucha Ukulele Camp Instructors – (L to R) Greg Canote, Nova Devonie, Marianne Brogan, Jere Canote, Matt Weiner, James Hill, Paul Hemmings, Mandalyn May.

Backstage at the 2012 Reno Ukulele Festival – (L to R) Sarah Maisel, Aaron Keim, Gerald Ross, Neil McCormick, Jim D'Ville, Craig Brandau, Cali Rose, Rich Dann, Doug Reynolds, Paul Hemmings, and Lil Rev.

At The Palms Playhouse in Winters, CA – (L to R) Paul Hemmings, Andrew Enberg, and Gerry Pineda.

Somewhere in The Hamptons.

Set break at The Knitting Factory with John Tchicai.

The Blues And The Abstract Uke Recording Session – at East Side Sound, June 2014.  (L to R) Greg Tardy, Curtis Fowlkes, Paul Hemmings, Rudy Royston, Gaku Takanashi.

2013 Centrum Port Townsend Ukulele Festival – (L to R) Greg Canote, Casey MacGill, Del Rey, Jere Canote, Aaron Keim, Nova Devonie, Matt Weiner, Nicole Keim, Paul Hemmings, Piper Heisig, Brook Adams, James Hill.

2012 Cairns Ukulele Festival – On stage at the Tanks Arts Centre in Far North Queensland, Australia.

At The Sydney Opera House  – En route to the 2012 Cairns Ukulele Festival.

At The Sydney Opera House – En route to the 2012 Cairns Ukulele Festival.

Somewhere along the road...

2013 California Coast Music Camp – On stage with Rene Worst.

On Stage At DaSilva Ukulele Co. – (L to R) Paul Hemmings, Nils Johnson, and Jeff Minnieweather.

Introducing...The Paul Hemmings Uketet Recording Session – May 2011