Ukulele Picnic — Honolulu, Hawaii
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Ukulele Picnic — Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Kakaako Gateway Park Honolulu, HI (map)
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10:30 AM  Mauna Stage —  The Paul Hemmings Trio  (Paul Hemmings, ukulele; Gabriel Vivas, uBass; Kirk Driscoll, drums).

11:00 AM Workshop —  "Playing the Changes”  (Paul Hemmings, ukulele)  –  From the island of Manhattan to the islands of Hawaii, join jazz ukulele player Paul Hemmings as he demonstrates and teaches the fundamentals of how to improvise over a chord progression, or “play the changes”.  By focusing on a chord-tone approach to soloing, ukulele players of any background can improve their soling skills while learning how to craft a melodic solo that will have them "playing the changes" at their next kanikapila.

12:00 PM Workshop —  “uBass Basics”  (Gabriel Vivas, uBass)  –  Befriend the bottom end and learn how to build a solid foundation for playing the bass ukulele, or uBass, with Gabriel Vivas.  By examining the similarities between the two instruments’ tunings, this workshop will provide students of both the bass and the ukulele alike with an opportunity to explore the lowest member of the ukulele family.  Topics discussed will include basic technique, walking a bass line, developing and sustaining a groove, and playing various feels.

2:00 PM Workshop —  “Beats for Bongolele”  (Kirk Driscoll, percussion)  –  Join drummer and percussionist Kirk Driscoll as he shows you the essential techniques needed to lay down beats on your Bongolele, your bongos, or even on the back of your ukulele!  Have fun learning the basics of hand drumming before being guided through a variety of rhythms, from swing to salsa.  This workshop is a perfect fit for everyone from ukulele players looking to develop their rhythmic skills to percussionists seeking to expand their expertise.

4:50 PM  Moana Stage —  The Paul Hemmings Trio  (Paul Hemmings, ukulele; Gabriel Vivas, uBass; Kirk Driscoll, drums).

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Swallow Hill Music — Denver, CO
5:30 PM17:30

Swallow Hill Music — Denver, CO


5:30 - 7:00 PM  The Art Of The Improvisor — Improvisation, the art of spontaneous composition, is the heart and soul of jazz, and understanding its core principles will allow players of any level to step up and play a solo at their next jam session. This workshop will focus on the use of scales, arpeggios, dynamics, and several other essential tenants of creative improvisation. Players will be provided with the opportunity to implement these devices on common song forms, including a 12-Bar Blues (i.e. "Kansas City" or "C Jam Blues") and a 32-Bar Standards (i.e. "I Got Rhythm" or "All Of Me").

7:30 - 9:00 PM  Fingerstyle Uke, Global Rhythms — This crash-course in fingerstyle ukulele utilizes traditional rhythms from around the world to teach various right-hand fingerstyle techniques. The Congolese Rhumba, Cubans Son, and Brazilian Bossa Nova are guaranteed to lift you out of your strumming rut.

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